An Overview of Household Plumbing

Plumbing has been around for over 8000 years, starting with troughs and pipe made of clay and straw. The materials in plumbing systems have changed greatly, but the basic principles of plumbing in Little Rock have remained the same.


Water Supply

The water supply system brings cold water into the home under pressure. The water is piped in through the main supply line from either a well, spring or municipal water supply. If the home has a water filtration or softening system, it is ideally positioned close to the point where the water supply enters the home. Once water enters the home, some of it will be diverted to the home water heating system. At this point, the hot and cold branch line are run to various fixtures throughout the home.

Drain, Waste and Vent System (DWV)

After it is used, water is carried out of the home by gravity through drain pipes. Each fixture drain has a trap that holds a small column of water that acts as a seal to keep sewage gasses from going back up into the home. Fixture drains also have vents that relieve pressure to allow water to flow out freely. Each vent then connects to the main vent stack that exits through the roof of the home.


Cleanouts give you easy access to the DWV system without cutting the pipe. Cleanouts are normally installed at the ends of horizontal drain runs and near the point where the main drain or sewer line exits the home.

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